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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ranking of Cat coaching Centers ( Delhi )

There is mushrooming of coaching centers in Delhi. Without any official ranking or other criteria which can be fairly used , students fails to get the best coaching.
Visitors to my blog always asks for the ranking of MBA CAT coaching i am giving rank to four famous MBA CAT coaching centers according to Student`s experience, CAT results & other criteria as deemed fit for evaluation of coaching centers.

1) IMS

2) PT education

3) T.I.M.E.

4) Carrer launcher

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It is very tough to say whether the IIM CAT will go online this year or not. Pankaj Chandra, director, IIM Bangalore said that they are not sure whether the CAT will go online or not.The Probability is that they will go for the usual paper-pencil test, where they are familiar with the entire logistics of printing, advertising and hiring of rental places for writing the test.

Online MBA CAT would mean taking the test on a computer which will serve questions from a local server. The IIMs have said they will need a good number of computer terminals for students to take the examination. A whole lot of other details need to be put in place which needs time. Online CAT require good work from IIMs in terms of infrastructure and facilities which will not happen in a few months' time.

Career Launcher is investing around Rs 30 lakh to facilitate online cat training on computer to its students. ETS Prometric, Pearson VUE, Eduquity Career Technologies and Mumbai-based Attest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aptech are the four companies that are shortlisted for conducting of test online.But when will this happen only God or IIM knows!!

A degree provides you with innumerable career opportunities in various fields .It is especia