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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Tips to prepare for IIM CAT

1. Place two table clocks on your study table. Both should be stop clocks. Give each clock a name. Let their names be "Actual" and "Believed". The Actual clock will keep a count of the actual time you spend on your studies, while the Believed clock will maintain a record of the time you believe you are spending on your studies.

2. Set both clocks to 12 noon when you start your studies for the day. Stop both when you give yourself a planned break of more than half-an-hour. However, when your break is of a duration smaller than half-an-hour, or at least that is what you believe, stop the ‘Actual’ clock and let the ‘Believed’ clock tick as usual. Even if you are daydreaming, stop the ‘Actual’ clock by the appropriate time amount.

3. Check the time on both clocks when you are done for the day. The ratio of time difference between the Actual and the Believed clock will give you the exact measure of your efficiency. An efficiency of over 80 per cent is excellent. An efficiency of over 70 per cent is acceptable.

Try to maintain & increase your efficiency.Only then u can expect to have chance in " CAT cracking "