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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Preparation Strategy For CAT

The preparation strategy should aim at maximum effectiveness and improvement in the least possible amount of time. Smart Hard work is the order of the day. Nation-wide competitive examinations are not for blind sloggers.

The Preparation strategy should focus on

· Getting acquainted with the various patterns of questions that have been coming in the entrance tests.
· Developing the knowledge base required to tackle the questions.
· Practice, practice, practice in a simulated test environment.
· Defining yardsticks of performance in a phased manner of increasing difficulty, and achieving them.

As it is not possible for a candidate to be equally competent in all sections, and since all the questions in the test cannot be solved in the given time, a well-prepared candidate should be conscious of the test dynamics and be ready with a test taking strategy involving

· Assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
· Time allocation per question, per section.
· Decision criteria for selecting, deferring or rejecting a question.
· Sequencing of sections.

It should be borne in mind that improving the command over the language sections will take a longer time when compared with that required for quantitative sections.


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