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Friday, October 5, 2007

FMS MBA entrance Test Alert

Hey guys check out the entrance test detail of FMS MBA admission.

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Courses in business studies are most popular for students from all countries. The master of business
administration (MBA) is the very famous business qualification. Joining an MBA will help you develop
management skills, business knowledge, and the ability to solve problems and make good decisions.
Your Job Options will be limited to Ground Staff with an Aviation company or with Travel management company,
brands in tours n travelers. This is highly demanding job you will be required to be on your toes with courtesy
and mannerism even if you are disturbed, as most of the V VIPs come in thundershower so if you make a mistake this
actually gets escalated to higher levels very soon. Salary packages start from some where around 10 -15 K if you
do it from an average school but if you pursue the MBA in aviation from good universities then yes it can be
somewhere between 30-35 K (freshers) in hand . With in 2 years you can reach unto 50-60 K . Intifada 3-4 Years are
tough then once you go in the higher realms then its something very lucrative and appreciative job as more n more
V VIP's will come into your contact daily .Something very important if you are looking for this type of MBA try
and learn more of foreign languages which will give you an edge over your peers and some international brands can
attach you to there forte. is one of the leading websites for education related issues , This website has great
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