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Saturday, May 10, 2008

IIM MBA group discussion weightage

Parameter Weightage in IIM MBA group discussion

1.Strength of point 40 points
2.New point 10 points
3.Building upon existing point 5 points
4.Rephrasing existing point 5 points
5.Rationale explained behind point 5 points
6.Quality of example given 5 points
7.Quality of initiative shown 5 points
8.teamwork 5 points
9.Body Language 20 points
10.Style of sitting 5 points
11.Eye contact while speaking 5 points
12. Movement of hands 5 points
13.listening style 5 points
14.Assertiveness 20 points
15.Communication Skills 20 points
16.Command over language 10 points
17.Clarity of voice 10 points

Try to improve in your communication skills as there is lot of things to see in group discussion held by iim for mba .

Selection in IIM is not an easy job my friend!!

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