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Saturday, October 11, 2008

CAT MBA verbal section

CAT Verbal Ability section tests basic grammar and your vocabulary through questions on analogies, antonyms/ synonyms, logical sequencing of paragraphs and sentence completion.

This section has approximately 50 questions in iim mba cat entrance test. It is allotted 50 marks and has to be completed in approximately 40 minutes.

This section cannot be mastered in one long cram session or within a scheduled number of days. You need to start small and then pick up fast, until the desire to know the language becomes second nature to you.

Here's how to make a start:

~ Pick up the Wren And Martin's High School English Grammar and Composition (often used in junior classes) for approximately Rs 85 to Rs 100.

Go through the chapters on nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Do not spend time on practising exercises; concentrate on the application of these words in sentences.

~ Get a pocket size dictionary, which truly is the best investment. Make it a point to read upto 10 to 15 words, or one page, every four hours. Don't memorise or cram.

Read complete meanings, usage and sentences. Use mnemonics; this means you create a mental image of the word.

For example, the word SUTURE means 'joining edges of a wound or incision by stitching'. You can relate this to your getting hurt and requiring stitches during an operation.

Similarly the word WARLOCK means 'sorcerer'. Make a mental picture of a wizard or magician to remember.

By the time you take the examination, make sure you have gone through the entire dictionary at least twice.

~ You will usually be tested on the application of the word, not its meaning. It is not possible to just cram and remember the approximately 5,000 odd words in any of the 'vocab lists' given to you.

~ As this is a multiple-choice type of test, you do not need to know meanings verbatim, nor exactly nor vaguely. It just pays to 'know' more words.

~ To enhance grammar skills, read books, magazines, newspapers and journals. The more you read, the better.

~ When you come across a new word, immediately check its meaning in the pocket dictionary.

Quick tips for iim mba cat

~ Don't forget you are human and have a limited capacity to learn at any given time.

-Make the study process easier by doing all preparation in small doses.

~ Plan judiciously and proceed accordingly. This is the key to success.


Sridhar said...

Useful. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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