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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Four things required for Cat Cracking

Fortunately or unfortunately, competitive exams like iim cat have become a strict norm for selection to various professional courses i.e. MBA in our country. Notwithstanding the demerits of such a system, competitive exams like cat for mba are a reality for the lakhs of students who appear in them every year.

In such a scenario, everyone wants to success. Success in these exams brings immense glory and confidence to the individuals, besides giving them a clear cut break into the career line of their choice. However, seats are limited and not everyone who appears can be selected. This does not mean that those who are not selected do not deserve a training in these courses. It only means that there aren't sufficient seats to accommodate all the deserving candidates.

Keeping this background in mind, let us explore what it takes to succeed in these competitive exams.

To my mind, the first prerequisite for success in these examinations is determination. The candidate must be quite sure of his level of motivation. Without a high level of motivation, no one can go through the rigorous preparation process. Thus, you must be absolutely determined to give your best efforts in your endeavor.

Once one is sufficiently motivated, one needs to be ready to give sufficient number of hours of his or her time in studies. This is real hard work and involves significant sacrifices on the part of the individual. "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy". Therefore it is also important that the candidate does take out some time for relaxation either through sports, music or other art forms. Regular exercise ( about 15 - 20 minutes ) every day will help maintain a healthy body which in turn will house a healthy mind.

The third requirement, is selection of the right study material. One should not go for shortcuts. Instead, try to understand the chapters / concepts in detail and practice sufficient number number of questions. Therefore go for standard textbooks, study materials provided, as various correspondence courses and other coaching institutions serve as supplementary and complementary material to the textbook material.

The fourth consideration is an appropriate 'Study Strategy'. A very common question which students ask is, How to balance the studies with competitive exam study. Think that can be incorporated within the broad framework of one's competitive exams' preparation strategy. One strategy is to look at each chapter as a chapter to be learnt, a material to be mastered; rather than dichotomizing it as school & competitive exam-related study material.

Also revise the important concepts, facts, problems that you would have marked during during your year or years of preparation before the examination.

On the day of examination, keep your cool and attempt the questions. Remember, if you have given your best during the last months, you need not fear anything. Ultimately, only effort and not the result is in your hand. Which you should do to your maximum capability as outlined above. Rest is your destiny or luck. So go ahead, give your best and leave the rest!


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