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Saturday, June 19, 2010

IIM A mba gets set for new session 2010-12 with 20% increase in students

                                                                                                                                                                     ( A Update by Mba universe)

 IIM Ahmedabad, the apex B School in India too is all set to welcome the next extended 2010-12 batch of MBA Students from Monday, June 21, 2010 onwards.
Unlike the other top B Schools, IIM Ahmedabad has not undergone any change in the curriculum but it has made the room bigger for the IIM  MBA aspirants. 

IIM Ahmedabad makes the room bigger for the students
 This year, the number of seats has been increased in IIM Ahmedabad. Hence, the admission of the number of MBA students has gone up to 385 provisional admissions in 2010 from 312 last year. “For 2010 we have made 385 provisional IIM MBA admissions. In 2009 we took 312 MBA students for our Post Graduate Program in Management,” mentions an official from IIM Ahmedabad.

Contact  Study hours
According to IIM Ahmedabad, for the 2010-12 batch, or the PGP I students, the contact hours is 2040 hours. While the contact hours for the second year MBA students is 1360 hours. “For the PGP I batch, the contact hours is 2040 hours with 25.5 credits and the PGP II batch has 1360 hours of contact hours which give them 17 credits,”  says IIM Ahmedabad.

There are few courses which requires industry interface. The course itself organizes that industry visit for the MBA students. “There are a few courses for which industry visit is required. For that, the industry visits are organized during the course for the MBA Students,” IIM Ahmedabad says.

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