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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rs 5,000-8,000 for an MBA ????

                                                                                                            (A update by dna india)

Despite her anxiety about entering the job market in a few days, Sunitha  is not overtly optimistic. The 23-year-old, who has just completed her engineering degree, has to be content with a modest pay package of Rs 90,000 per annum at a call centre. 

However, Sunitha says she is lucky to have at least got this job, as several of her classmates from her engineering institute in Davangere, about 265 km from Bangalore, are still
scouting left, right and centre for one. 

She says that even though various surveys suggest the job market is improving and hiring is thriving again, the situation in tier III towns and institutes is still gloomy. “There were hardly 4-5 firms this time at my institute who made offers to just a handful of students. Salaries are more or less similar to what I have been offered,” says Sunitha.

Sailing in the same boat is Namit Kumar (name changed), whose MBA institute in Cuttack, Orissa, mostly lay barren as far as placements were concerned. Namit was lucky to have got a sales job in a retail firm as a result of his own job hunt, for a monthly income of Rs 5,500, minuscule compared to what students from reputed institutes get. 

“The entire course fee for two years was nearly Rs 4 lakh, but after spending so much, all I get is peanuts,” complains Kumar. Namit and Sunitha’s story is a grim reality despite talk of jobs and fancy salaries brimming all over again.

Rishi Das, co-founder and CEO of Bangalore-based talent
acquisition firm CareerNet Consulting said that usually, students settle for salaries of Rs 5,000 then work hard, gain whatever experience they can, and start hunting for jobs with bigger organisations.


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