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Monday, August 27, 2007

Executive MBA Programme

  • It provides an opportunity for experiences professionals to obtain a master’s degree in Business.
  • Executive MBA (EMBA) students are required to complete their degrees in two years or less.
  • To ensure optimum benefits to participants of executive MBA and the sponsoring organisations, class size and class structure facilitate close interaction between faculty and participants
  • Programme costs are modest in comparison to the benefits yielded. In the majority of cases, their employers sponsor students fully, or in part.

  • Courses offered in an Executive MBA programme are normally the same as those taught in traditional MBA programs – accounting, finance, statistics, management, marketing and information systems. However, Executive MBA courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and are uniquely structured to teach a maximum amount of course material in an accelerated timetable. In addition, senior faculty experienced in teaching and consulting are employed as principal instructors. Once all coursework is satisfactorily completed, a Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) degree or equivalent is awarded.
  • A number of factors are considered in selecting candidates for an Executive MBA programme. In most cases, each applicant is evaluated on his or her own professional performance, academic records, GMAT scores, professional recommendations, and a demonstrated ability to accomplish graduate-level business coursework. Most Executive MBA students enter a programme with ten or more years of professional and/or managerial experience. An undergraduate degree is generally required, though it need not be a degree in business. Evaluation of students for admission to an Executive MBA programme is a very individualised process. While test scores, grade point averages and other objective criteria are all considered, a prospective student’s background, work experience, career goals, desire to succeed and numerous other factors are considered in making an admission decision.

  • Over the course of the programme, at least 15-20 hours each week should be allotted for some combination of classroom work, computer and research efforts, and course assignments. Added to the already heavy demands of a business career, the time involved in pursuing an MBA is considerable and requires a high level of motivation and commitment. The burden is eased by the support of other students and by the assistance of the Executive MBA programme staff.


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Anonymous said...

this is quite useful information. i am a delhi based practicing doctor and have MBA degree as well. what could be the benefits of executive MBA for me and how i can proceed for this.which is the best institute.