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Friday, August 17, 2007

Success Strategy for CAT

It is very important to understand what you have to leave or attempt in your IIM Cat entrance exam. Cat is the game of selection. Success depends lot upon how judiciously one is able to select the questions. It is better that you first attempt all easy question which takes less time of yours & then if you get time move to the difficult ones latter.

2: Speed:
Your speed also matters in your score in your cat exam. It’s better if you understand the basic concepts of formulas. Because many times you see that you does need the direct formula for the questions asked in your cat exam. Your basics should be strong enoughfor your CAT exam. Practice the mental calculations regularly (It saves lot of time). Try to solve the mock CAT question paper with the option given.

3: Strike Rate:
It can be improved with the help of intelligent guessing. Intelligent guessing means guessing a question you are not completely sure off, but having some idea about the question. Your objective is not to solve the question but to choose the correct option. Try to eliminate the choices. If one choice is eliminated chances of your being right is 33%.

Always remember that success for MBA aspirants has three keywords: Speed, Strike rate selection of questions. Try to improve regularly.

IIM MBA is not so far from you. Best of luck for cracking Cat!

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