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Thursday, August 9, 2007

MBA moving the World

Nobody can regret the truth that MBa are running our world.Top most salaried person in the world are MBA.The popularity of MBa is such that a person from any profession whether doctor,engineer etc wants to do MBA to get more in the market.MBa is all about Skills.Mba is not burdened by books like other courses, it is a fully practical course.Different Institutes like IIM ,Fms have their own curriculum for MBA.Many extracurricular activities are the part of MBA which one needs to do as compulsory part of MBA course.Im leads the INdia b school ranking every year because of the maximum exposure of the market given to students.IIM students can easily get job anywhere in the world just because of its practical knowldege.Bookish knowledge just tells about the concepts.It hardly gives us the knowldege when one should apply that concept.Different people have different approaches to the situation.IN the course , emphasise is on practical than theortical, thats why every yeah IIM MBA are getting more & more percentage of salary as compared to the last year.

The highest foreign salary offered to any management student in INDIA to an IIMCian is - US$ 250,000. This offer was made to two students by a leading New York investment bank . The previous record of US$ 221,000 also belonged to IIMC.

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