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Thursday, August 9, 2007

MBA or BBA Degree from IIPM

Do not even think about taking admission in IIPM MBA or BBA

No introduction needed for BBA or MBA programme offered by IIPM .Leading newspaper like Times of India, Hindustan times are regularly getting its full page ads asking student to "dare to dream beyond the IIMs". It claims that it has the highest international placement record in India. Some sources said Arindam, the dean of IIPM could not even pass graduation exams at first attempt. A web page of the list on , a research agency website which compiled the list for Outlook top B- schools in India will tell us - "IIPM has been removed from ranking as we received serious complaints about the veracity of information given by them."

Some truth about IIPM

Only 50% of the students got placed in companies through the college.

Mostly jobs are of Direct Selling Agents.

Very few companies come for campus placements.

MBA degree given by IIPM not recognized by any of the university in the world!

There is no free laptop & free study tour. You have to pay for them in your fees.

NONE of IIPM MBA Student have attended lecturers by professors from foreign universities


Anonymous said...

wat about IIPM claim in newspaper??

dr kamini said...

dear friends
hi,don't believe on rumors.this is my experience that iipm,delhi is a good institute for PGP.i am a post graduate dr.i found a quality education there.those candidates,who r not serious in study,no college can make them competent.iipm is providing free laptop,foreign tour.i say to all iipm's student,don't tolerate bad voices about iipm.bcoz,iipm is giving u a bright future,u r d image of this college.
all the best
dr. kamini

Anonymous said...

i am looking for an undergraduate course.should i go for iipm after all this.anyone please suggest

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